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think of it as an ellipsis
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Date:2006-11-01 17:09

i'm in love with a boy! it starts with a c and ends with an harlie!

school is good, had a test today, i know i did great. i know it.
i also took care of BABEHS! rawr.

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-10-30 08:16

i like a boy. it feels terrible.

anyway, i have a silly little photo of me in case any of yous would like to check it out under the cut. what the fuck kind of face is that? squirrelly.
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(there's beauty ♥1 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-10-15 19:30

wow, my brain is fucked up. i rolled on friday night and then i rolled again saturday night. and then i had to wake up at noon today after i only went to bed at 5:30. lastnight was the best fuckin party in the longest time. there were probably 50 people at my friend's house. i'm used to knowing everybody there, but lastnight i probably only knew a third of them. i was so excited because colter, joey, and danky came down to spin. they are so fuckin good at what they do. what sucks about rolling is that ever guy on the face of the planet thinks that you are super pretty and asks if you want a massage (and who can say no when they're fuckin rolling ECSTASY...HONESTLY.) then they try to get into your pants and then you have to be mean but it's so hard to be mean when your brain is fat with happy.
anyway, that was a fuckin fantastic night, i danced my ass off, and danced my shirt into the smelly depths of hell because of it.

now i have school tomorrow. oh shit.

(there's beauty ♥1 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-10-03 17:13

on friday i did acid. it was quite fun, i must say. there were a couple things about it that bugged me though.
one of them being that it lasted for fucking EVER! i thought it would never stop
and then the second being that i kept thinking there was somebody right behind my ear. i would look around and not a soul be there, mate. i like ecstasy the best out of all of the drugs i've taken. does that make me weird? because no one i know agrees with me.

uhm... even though i am not a doctor yet, it would be really cool if people already started calling me Lily Wick M.D. i am going to put a little plaque on my door that says that, i am going to sign my papers like that, and my friends will calling lily m.d. oh god, i love it.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-28 17:43

i've finally decided what i'd like to be when i grow up. i am either going to be a pediatrician or a botanist. i wish i could be both simultaneously. if i was a botanist i would live in the mountains somewhere fantastic and study all of the foliage and then i would also be growing weed in my basement for personal use. if i was a pediatrician i would be able to spend time with children whilst making a lot of money and be able to buy all of the pot i want.
either way, it's a win win situation. i love children and i love plants. WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO?!

i would love to do an exchange program. the program that i am looking into goes for about 11 months which is a very long time but very very delicious. i am thinking of going to chile. italy would be fantastic also.

i love thinking about my future.
tomorrow night i am going to do acid for the first time and i am so excited. it shall be fun and i shall think about things. if i feel like it anyway.

today i laughed so hard i cried.

(there's beauty ♥1 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-24 10:21

so, yesterday was a very hermit kind of day and i just hung about inside reading.
i was so tired all day that i was on the verge of sleeping for hours but i didn't want to put down my book. by 10:30 i was asleep and then by 11:30 my phone was ringing. i got up to answer it and it was sally.
hello? (in a sleepy crackly voice)
hi sally
i just wanted to tell you i loooove you! (oh no, she's fucked up)
well... i love you too sally.
i loove you so much!
i love you too sally.
i'm losing control of reality
what do you mean
i'm losing contro of reality
yes why
i'm on acid right now
oh... have fun with that. good night sally.
night lily! i loooove you!

and then i had weird dreams for the remainder of the night.

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-21 20:44

my friend mary did my natal chart for health and wellness. it told me to avoid wet or icy sidewalks because i tend to fall down. it also told me many things that i already knew. do people only do that astrology stuff to reaffirm what they already know or so that they can say "oh wow this astrology stuff knows everything for reals!" you know, doctors are so cool.
actually i think astrology is fun.
i'm so fucking tired. lily needs shower now.
i really do sometimes wish that each blade of grass was made of really soft down blankets. they would have to be really small though.

today i was complimented on having a great "sick voice" which i guess is the sound of a voice when the nose is too congested to talk properly. also, they said that my laugh was good. aka an obnoxious girly chiggle. which means a chuckle/giggle. yeah, i just made that up.

hmm...sometimes i forget that teachers and parents are people.

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-19 16:46

i want wonton soup.

i failed a math test but i still have a B in the class. it makes me wonder what my grade was before that.
oh well.

i saw the dalai lama on sunday. he's a very real type of guy. i mean, if you're the 14th fuckin dalai lama then you have to be right? RIGHT?!
that's what i thought.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-16 16:08

i bought two books today. i think we have an addiction on our hands. i'm buying/finding/stealing them faster than i can read them. i wish i had a library like in beauty and the beast. belle was the luckiest gal in the world.
school is making a fool of me. too much homework. too bad i really want an A and am willing to give up my time for it. damn me and my goals.
my friends are going to a gigantic rave tonight. no thanks. thousands of people scare the shit out of me.
my doggies are so cute. brutus is looking at me with his big saggy face and it's just so ADORABLE oohmg.
i wish i was black.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-09-11 10:23
Mood: full

lastnight deryn called me to hang out but i didn't realize that hanging out would involve this crackhead i (unfortunately) know. i stayed for about an hour or so out of courtesy and all but pretty much made my fat little legs carry me outa there faster than a jack rabbit with a hot poker up its ass.

school is so much fun! summer baaaad. whats funny is that i still party just as much as i did while the summer was in motion except that there is learning inbetween! so yay for that.

i woke up this morning and i had my cat in a strangle hold. that is definitely not good. she seemed a bit shaken but hey, if she wants a spot in MY bed then she must take that risk.

i am going to go and read my book.
then i guess i'll do homework.
i have a cold.

microwavable cream of wheat = FUCKING GENIUS!

(there's beauty ♥3 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-26 10:40
Mood: the definition of content

mary, eric and i drove to wyoming yesterday to go camping. but apparently it was monsoon season because i have never witnessed so much rain pelting down to the earth at one time. there was also a lot of lethal looking lightning bolts.
we pretty much skidaddled from there after we had already set up our tent and started making food.
anyway, i was sad because i was really looking forward to going camping. lastnight was still a lot of fun. i spent the whole night with some good friends of mine and just talked. i haven't slept yet. argh. tired.

today my very generous, beautiful, and overall fantastic mother picked me up at 7 30 in the morning and took me out to breakfast. then we went to this flea market and she bought me a very comfortable squishy chair for reading in, and a super neat rug with chilli peppers all over it. it really SPICES up the room.

school has started and i'm really excited about it. i like class... a lot. i basically like all subjects except i'm not always the best at math. we have a bit of a love/hate relationship.

i'm really tired. i'm going to go watch fear and loathing in las vegas and fall asleep.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-22 03:44
Subject:Hark! there be a demon in the night sky!

my eyeballs are tired.

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-17 21:43

there was this lamp post that i saw this night. it had a gateway to another world. the kind of world that makes no sense. and the trees are green apple jolly rancher stuck in cracks of teeth green. they cause cancer and ovarion cysts.

i have to be in boulder by 9 tomorrow. ooooh sleepy face.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-15 19:41

mary and i are camping on friday!
mary is giving her baby my name
mary is marrying eric
mary is my bestest friend.

what else?

buh buh buhub hub hub
it's a palindrome!

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-14 09:56

camping with my dad was fun. the day i got back i went back up to the mountains for a party. i had to piss in the woods. that's not fun.

i'm really tired. my cat is sitting on me.
gotta go.

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-08 10:37

i'm leaving to go camping. and i have to pack.


(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-06 22:05

i've partied til dawn the past two nights.
that was really fun.
who says you can't get fucked up without E?

i went shopping today and i bought two bras and a pair of underwear from victorias secret, three jeans, a belt, and two pairs of boxers from american eagle, and a pair of shoes from journey's and all of it was under 250 dollars.
fuck yeah! best shopping day of my life.

i'm going camping on tuesday. that's about all.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-02 06:01

i've been awake alllll niiiight yessssss i have.
i'm on the verge of insanity, unfortunately.

it seems as if all the music videos on mtv are all the same. flashy lights that cause epileptic siezures accompanied by girls with butts that shake in just the right ways.
yes... late night tv is no good.
i sort of ranted about it in a bulletin on myspace just now.

krumply frumples and a side of pickles.
i'm out.

(there's beauty ♥2 in the breakdown)

Date:2006-08-01 13:15

tomorrow is my brother's birthday. i bought him a rice cooker. tonight we're celebrating it with all you can eat sushi at japangos! fuck yeah!

lastnight me, mary, eric, cole, and cassie watched hostel. unfortunately, cole and i were the only ones that watched it til the end. that movie wasn't very good at all. for one it wasn't scary, two it was just gross and disturbing, and three i'm glad i didn't watch it before i went to europe. otherwise i would've chosen to sleep in a dumpster instead of a hostel. i guess all my plans for visiting eastern europe are dashed now. hahaha

summer is starting to wear on me.
i'm ready to fuckin LEARN
my attention span needs to be conditioned, my penmanship too! oh me oh my

(in the breakdown)

Date:2006-07-23 10:40

i babysat six kids lastnight for six hours.
40 bucks.
not bad.

especially since the whole time i was there i was just sitting around making the kids tacos and giving them ice cream.
and then i fell asleep because the night before i had only slept for 4 hours cause i was rolling and such.

i've been listening to the sixth harry potter on cd.
i've been playing with my nieces because they are in town.
i've been super pre menstrual the past few days and grouchy, but now it has begun and i'm fine.
what else?
i got a new fluffy soft robe and soft sheets at bed bath and beyond.

(in the breakdown)

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